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Steps To Optimise Your Sleep

Sleep is a very important part of the adaptation process (recovery and hormone function), it’s where your body repairs/rebuilds and ‘grows’. This is why obtaining adequate sleep is important within any training programme. Steps to optimise your sleep... 1⃣ Avoid Caffeine later in the evening. Caffeine makes you more 'alert', so avoiding it later on in the evening will prevent your body being so energetic before bed. 2⃣ Light exposure is a way that our body regulates sleep. Bright lights, especially from iPhone and such devices cause melatonin release to be halted and the core body temperate staying elevated results in hindered sleep. Avoiding any tv or phones at least 30-60 mins before sleeping is recommended. Using ‘blue light’ adjusters on your tablets or iPhones also helps your body adjust. This will keep your circadian rhythm in check. 3⃣ Scheduled sleep will allow your body to get into a routine. Knowing when you need to be in bed by will allow you to put in place a process to aid it. Setting your bedtime between 9-11pm is recommended. 4⃣ Find your way of relaxing, fancy a bubble bath or foot massage? If that helps you relax, de-stress and sleep then implement it into your routine. 5⃣ Ensure your bed is comfortable. If you are spending 8 hours a day in it, you want it to be relaxing and comfy. 6⃣ Avoid late night eating. Consume your last meal at least an hour before bed. This will help avoid indigestion and allow optimal hormone function before bedtime.


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