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Sleep - Your Key to Success

Sleep is very important within any training programme as it is the time in which your body repairs and resynthesises. That is why adequate sleep is essential for getting the gains/image you want. Here are a few pointers for getting better sleep;

1) Avoid Caffeine later in the evening. Caffeine makes you more 'alert' and 'energetic', so avoiding it later on in the evening will prevent your internal body clock being shocked by ingesting it late at night.

2) Light exposure serves a key regulator of sleep. When your eyes are exposed to light, melatonin release is halted and body temperature stays elevated resulting in hindered sleep. If you have an iPhone use the sleep mode and the retina display is altered by changing the blue lighting to help your eyes adjust. However, still try to avoid using phone, tablets or tv at least 30-60 minutes before sleeping. For those on Android you can download Twilight as it helps block out the blue lighting.

3) Master Clock - Light is a regulator for your 'master clock' which controls your circadian rhythm and ability to sleep. Being exposed to light early in the will help anchor your master clock.

4) Pick a regular bedtime - studies have shown that people who struggle sleeping tend to improve when having a set bedtime between 9-11 pm. It helps you also have the power of habit and takes advantage of your natural circadian rhythm.

5) AVOID late night eating - Late night eating, especially junk food will impede the release of the hormones that promote sleep. Having your last meal at least an hour before bed time allows your insulin levels to drop, allowing the release of leptin, thyroid hormone and melatonin.

Train HARD, Eat WELL & REST well

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